Does it matter which gas station I buy my gas from?



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    Avoid Sunoco it is the official fuel of nascar, which is incredibly bad for the environment.

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    It is incorrect to say that Valero, the largest refiner in the US, only gets oil from US sources. Valero imports oil and oil products from Brazil, Colombia, Iraq, Mexico, Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia, India, Nigeria, Kuwait, Canada, Libya, Netherlands, Algeria, Australia, Ecuador, Russia, Venezuela, and Angola. There are very, very few retailers in the US that are truly only US-sourced oil. Almost all gas stations sell gasoline that has come from all over the world, in terms of its origin as oil, and it is impossible to say how much and from where. Citgo is indeed owned by the Venezuelan national oil company, but they sell far more gasoline in their US retail outlets than they can refine (in US refineries) using just Venezuelan oil, so Citgo also buys gasoline made from US oil, as well as gasoline made by Valero, Conoco, Exxon refineries, using oil from all over the world.

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