Does it matter what pesticides we use for our plants if we wash them first?



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    Yes. Because before you wash off your plants, rain and other weather will also be washing them, and those pesticides, off into your storm drains and local riverways.

    I hope this helped!

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    Why would you wash your plants and then put pesticides on them?

    Seriously, use the minimum amount of pesticide and only in response to a known threat. It is possible to have your entire crop wiped out without SOME kind of protection, but these vary all over the map.  Today, commercially available pesticides for home use are designed to break down, usually in response to sunlight.  You still need to wash your vegetables thouroughly before eating them.

    And, because of the amounts used, fertilizer is probably more of a danger to our waterways than pesticides. Don’t overfertilize, and try to use organic fertilizers.


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