Does it matter that Saudi Arabia is trying to keep the climate bill from being passed?



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    Any opposition to legislation will have a negative effect–the degree to which it has any effect and the possibility of it backfiring on those who would do so is pure speculation. 

    But it’s easy to understand why the Saudi government would target a bill that would, essentially, limit carbon emissions and lead to an eventual diminishing of their primary exportable natural resource. 

    The Saudi royal family has grown immensely wealthy from America’s consumption of oil. 

    Saudi officials have, also, garnered many “friends in high places” within our government–former presidents, senators, representatives, military officials. 

    It would stand to reason that they have more influence within our government than it could be argued that foreign governments should. 

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      Obviously any group that has an interest in fossil fuel production or distribution would be against the climate bill. Its going to be interesting to see the extent to which these companies will go to try and keep it from getting passed.

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