Does it make a difference in heating costs if you have carpet or hard wood flooring?



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    I can’t find anything saying that there would be a direct effect (the only one I could think of is if there is a drastic color difference, with darker surfaces holding heat longer), but I would think that there would still be a difference because wood tends to feel colder than carpet, which may make you increase your thermostat to a higher temperature.

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    My guess would be that carpets are better than hardwood flooring because it holds and gives off heat more readily than wood flooring does. When you walk on wood, it typically would feel cold because it is take the heat from you. The carpet or rug would absorb your heat but also give some back, so it won’t feel as cold. I haven’t found any studies on this specifically, but based on my observations of the general characteristics of these materials, that is my best answer.

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