Does it hail in the summer?



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    Hail actually falls more often in the summer in many parts of the country, which is why it can be a hazard to crops and people outside. Like any other precipitation, it is caused by moister air being heated during the day: since warm air rises quickly upward, all that water vapor rises into the upper atmosphere, and becomes so cool that it falls as ice. Often, it is so warm in the summer that the hail forming high in the atmosphere melts and becomes rain before it hits the ground, or a combination of hail and rain may fall.

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    Summer is usually the time when it hails.  Winter is usually associated with rain, snow, and ice while summer is seen as a hot and humid.  But hail is a natural phenomenon that is usually seen in the summer in areas such as the Plains in the US because warm weather creates the kind of thunderstorms needed to produce hail.  Hail is formed when rising air carry water droplets high enough in a thunderstorm for the water droplets to freeze.  Ice that usually falls in the winter is almost always sleet – raindrops that freeze on the way down.

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    You see a lot of this during the monsoons in Arizona. They can get pretty big and cause a lot of damage. 

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