Does it cost more to power your home with solar power or wind power?



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    Alot of attention is being paid to renewable energy resources these days especially by consumers and environmentalists. Despite knowing the fact that steps must be taken to provide a cleaner source of energy, the question of which type of energy should be used is asked. Wind power and solar power are the leading candidates as energy alternatives, but the questions of which one would be better or cost effective arebrought up.

    In a study conducted by a Canadian based company, Detronics Limited, they proved that solar power was more costly compared to wind power. In their experiment, one wind turbine and one solar array were set up and tested over the course of one year. The total number of kilowatts per hour (kWh) was recorded by each system. Then it was divided into the total cost of purchasing and running each system and it was found out that producing energy out of the solar array was more costly. During the year long study, wind power was proven to be more cost effective producing $3.00 less per kwh produced.


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