Does it cost more money to be sustainable?



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    Nope, being sustainable will allow you to save more money in the long run. The initial costs are often more than not being sustainable, but eventually you will get that money back and than some. People all over the country are buying solar panels and are finding that they can save more than what they paid for the panels. 

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    It is true that many green products and sustainable products initally cost more. This is true for hybrid cars and green cleaning products and environmentally friendly appliances. However, in time you will save a lot of money in gas or electricity or water.

    Furthermore, you will have the knowledge that you are doing well for the environment, which will make you happy and give you peace of mind.

    Sustainability is definitely what must be done for the future and the cost you initally put into the product will be returned to you time and again.

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    There can be times when being sustainable does cost more, usually in the case of buying products without chemicals.  This could be temporary though, and if you practice other sustainable habits that save you in the long run, they could offset each other….or likely save money still in the bigger picture.

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