Does it cost more to make your building LEED certified?



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    LEED certification does add extra cost to buildings.  More efficient building systems are usually more expensive; altough, they can lead to saving in the future.  For example if the government were to get all their newly constructed buildings LEED certification it would cost an addition 900 million to to 2.2 billion dollars per year.  LEED certification will become cheaper in the future as ore people are familair with the proccess though.

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      LEED Certification add in an extra 1.84% to the construction cost of a project.Gold certfied office projects cost 2 to 5 % over conventional buildings.In California  for a public building seeking LEED Gold Level it cost $800,000extra to achieve this certification which is about 2%.Intial  low budget,timing of the project,location of the project,climate, design standard ,project size,feasibility in operating LEED measuresmight also add up to the cost of any green project.But any Green building has a return of investmnet and payback time  varies from from 2-3 yrs.

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