Does it cost a lot of money to run a landfill site?



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    I don’t know how to find the specific costs, but the could be significant, examples of some of the costs: (but definitely not comprehensive)

    1.  site acquisition – purchasing approved land
    2.  site assessment – surveying, soil investigation, environmental impact etc.
    3.  design and engineering cost – soil liner, leachate quality
    4.  construction costs – site clearing, earth work, water drainage, roads, fencing
    5.  site operation – waste handling, gas collection, environmental monitoring, equipment maintenance
    6.  closing costs and long term monitoring cost – cover, landscaping, drainage

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    This question has already been answered on GreenAnswers:

    Also. the EPA estimates that there are about 3091 active landfills and about 10,000 old landfills total that have been shut down.

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