Does it consume more water to hand wash or machine was ones clothes?



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    There are very efficient washers these days that use very little energy and water (10-24 gallons).  Supposing you wash your clothes in a full machine, you would use less water than hand washing.

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    A top loading washer uses 140 liters of water and a newer front loader uses 54 liters of water per load. Handwashing use varies, depending on what you are washing and how you are rinsing.

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    Front loading washing machines can use 25-30 gallons of water each wash, while top loaders can use 40 to 57. That’s a lot of water!

    Hand-washing uses far less water. Kevin Freedman, profiled in the second link below, lived on 25 liters of water a day for a month, and he hand-washed his clothes even with his tiny rations of water.

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