Does ionized water help you be more healthy?



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    From my research, it would seem that ionizing your drinking water does not do anything for you at all. THere were a few research papers that touted the benefits of ionized water, but the methods and conclusions are not considered to be scientifically sound. YOu’re probably fine with filtered tap water.

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    Ionized water is marketed under the fact that most of us don’t know enough about chemistry to argue claims for its benefits.  All water will contain some “ionized” water molecules, in the form of hydrogen and hydroxide ions, but the chemical process governing these compounds naturally tends toward deionization.  Only about two in every billion water molecules will be able to be ionized, and no machine or process will change this.

    Bottom line: Ionized water is no different from old-fashioned water-water.

    For a qualitative scientific debunking of ionized water claims, click the link below.

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    Ionized alkaline water has anti oxidants, that makes it flush out the toxins from our body and maintains the acid-alkaline body pH. Alklaine Water also hydrates the skin to prevent premature aging. Thus alkaline water is really having a healing effect. I’ve tried the alkaline water produced by the Tyent USA water ionizers and experienced more refreshed and eneregetic than beforre.

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