Does insulating paint work?



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    Since I haven’t tried it, it would be difficult to give my own opinion. When I tried to research this question, there were little articles that weren’t manufacturer’s advertisements in disguise but I did find a related story on Treehugger. Insulating paint is a mixture with ceramic that deals with radiation, convection and conduction. The paint is supposed to block out infrared, ultraviolet, visible light, and sound vibrations. The article gives one positive review and three negative opinions about this insulating paint from the EPA and architects. One demo revealed that the paint is true to its testament while others believe that it is impossible to defy the law of physics. I suggest trying it, or conducting your own personal experiment.

    In the meantime, an article in the Scientific American recommends more traditional forms of insulation such as wall/padding insulation, thermal-pane windows, or a reflective roof barrier.

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