Does the installation of solar panels really help when going green?

As the world is fully engaged or in need of huge electricity, Going Green is an essential part, so as to save our environment and natural resources, is installation solar panels in our home and office will help?



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    The utilisation of fossil fuel to power combustion engines has caused a lot of havoc in the atmosphere which in turn is affecting man. For this reason, any innovation that will stop or reduce the use of fossil fuel is welcome. Therefore, since the installation of solar panels will reduce the utilisation of fossil fuel, it will help in going green.

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    In 2009, there was a 6% reduction in the United States’ carbon emissions, which some claim is due in large part to an increase in the use of solar panels on homes and in businesses. Reducing carbon is one of the most important (if the the most important) factor in lessening the damage we are doing to the earth, and using solar power instead of burning fossil fuels (even using electricity usually requires burning of fossil fuels) will undoubtedly reduce these emissions.

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    Absolutely. Anything that reduces the consumption of carbon fuels is good for the environment. China is currently leading the way in solar panel research and developement. 

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