Does the industrial part of our economy do anything to try and use less energy?



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    Yes. Industrial operations are huge consumers of power, and nearly everyone in business today is desperate to cut costs in any way they feasibly can. Energy savings is an attractive way to do that for two reasons: first, it means lowering the overhead which translates to a better bottom line, and also companies often get good PR out of “greening” their operations (or being perceived as having done so).┬áThe National Association of Manufacturers has put out a study suggesting ways that US manufacturing and industrial businesses can save on energy costs. Some of the case studies showcased in this publication include Riverdale Mills, which put in a water-powered generator that cut its electricity bill in half and paid for itself in less than 18 months; and DuPont Chemicals, which spearheaded 75 energy-saving projects that required no capital investment and saved $250,000 per year.

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