Does India serve ice in their restaurants?



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    No, they don’t. What is even more interesting is that there are very few countries outside of America that serve ice in their drinks. There are several reasons for this. The first is that other people outside the U.S. don’t want their drink diluted and feel like they are not getting their money’s worth when there is a ton of ice with very little liquid. Another reason is that in regions where it is cold, they feel that it is silly to make yourself colder by putting ice in your drink. Other countries like Turkey and India prefer to drink alot of hot drinks like tea, even in warm weather because it makes you sweat and actually cools the body down. They feel like the body has to work too hard inside to warm a cold drink with ice.

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      Thank you for your outstanding answer and quick response.

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      No problem, it was my pleasure! Have a great weekend!

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      Well, as interesting as this answer may be, I am sorry to admit and let down that it is highly incorrect.

      By being someone who is from India and has grown up with the culture through family, I would like to share some real facts here. In India, ice is served in their drinks because it is hot and humid in India and in either case they do not worry about diluted liquids because water is free.

      In either case, the hot tea comment is true because Indians often enjoy hot tea, but it is not drank because we are trying to cool our bodies, we drink it as a form of caffeine to wake ourselves up.

      I did not want to offend anyone here, but I wanted to make sure that you had the correct information.

      Thanks you,

      The Brown Kid

      Ps: my source would be my father if anyone needed some reassurance.

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