Does India and China pollute so much because they are trying to catch up to industrialized countries?



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    It is true that industrialization and urbanization are some of the primary reasons for pollution in China and India. Rapid expansion without equivalent measures to address environmental concerns, leads to pollution and environmental degradation. Thus, China has a huge problem with coal emissions and India’s cities are polluted by diesel smoke from vehicles. However, China and India are also heavily populated countries with huge energy needs, one of the reasons why they pollute so much. And, rapid population growth is one of the primary causes of environmental degradation. In addition, change takes time within countries such as India and China, due to the hugely complex infrastructure. However, environmental policy is changing in both countries. For example, India is building a metro system in it’s capital city, New Delhi. This has already reduced traffic and pollution within the city. India has also been slowly replacing diesel engines on roads with engines that run on cleaner fuels.

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