Does IKEA sell environmentally responsible products?



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    Currently IKEA has flat-pack bike trailers and other eco-friendly household items. What IKEA hopes to do in the near future is utilize solar panels, alternative light sources, product materials and other items that will be able to go on the market in the next three to four years.

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    I interpreted this question to mean, “are IKEA’s business practices environmentally-conscious” as opposed to the other question, which asks if it carries specific, “eco-friendly” products  (like solar panels, for instance).

    IKEA is known to be a socially and environmentally conscious company. For instance, in 2002 it partnered with the World Wildlife Fund to “jointly promote responsible forestry in priority regions around the world…the partnership has increased to also include cotton, climate and communication” (see link below). It has also sought to maintain more environmentally-friendly stores, phasing out incandescent light bulbs, sponsoring worker public transport, and seeking to reduce its carbon footprint.

    As for its products, IKEA employs a variety of environmentally-conscious policies. For instance, IKEA uses what it terms its “e-wheel” to manage the environmental impact of a developing product. It has an ultimate goal of using only forests certified as “responsibly managed” for wood supply, and utilizes forestry specialists to monitor the sourcing of its wood currently. In addition,  IKEA currently requires its wood-suppliers to report annually on the “the origin, volume and species of all wood used in IKEA products”(see link). The IKEA website has much more information – see the first link below.

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    Though a small thing, I know they sell reusable plastic zipper bags.

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