Does IKEA sell any eco-friendly products?



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    Yes. IKEA takes many measure to ensure the sustainability of their business practices. These include trace the timber used in their furniture to the source to make sure it is being harvested sustainably and using renewable material such as bamboo and rattan. There even is talk about an eco-friendly car from IKEA.

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    Ikea is planning to sell solar panels and other eco-friendly items, such as water-saving devices, through its GreenTech fund. It also phased out plastic bags, as well as formaldehyde and PVC in its core products. The retailer also makes sure that the wood it stocks is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. Finally, researchers in Canada, Japan, Scotland, England and France last year voted Ikea one of the top five eco-friendly retailers, based on their environmentally friendly and sustainable business practices.

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    IKEA has been criticised in the past for having little awareness of the environment as many of their furniture is cheap (yay!) but doesn’t last long and ends up in the landfill (boo).  Fortunately IKEA caught word of this criticism and did something about it.  They stopped using plastic bags for one and switched to reusable bags that customers can carry around the store and then return at the end of their trip.  They also began investing in sustainability practices like solar energy for their stores.  Most importantly they started paying attention to the materials in their items and created a product lineup with 77% of items being recyclable.  Furthermore, they recycle 84% of the waste generated by their stores and have implemented the strictest emissions policies in all of their stores worldwide.   

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