Does Ikea have an eco friendly line of furniture?



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         Ikea doesn’t have a specific line of furniture that is eco-friendly, but the company has taken steps to reduce its environmental impact. For example, it makes an effort to get its wood from sustainably managed forests. In its Swedish, Danish, and Norwegian stores, food leftovers from Ikea restaurants are made into biogas.

    The whole list of sustainable initiatives is listed on the company’s website.

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    They also don’t ship a lot of items, to lower the impact from shipping.  Instead they enourage you to go into your local store to purchase items.

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    Ikea also makes sure that the wood they use in their furniture comes from responsibly managed forests.  They also use eco-friendly materials like bamboo and rattan in many of their pieces. 

    Furthermore, they have a program to encourage shoppers to “bring their own bag” by charging 5 cents for every plastic bag.  The money collected from this program is donated to Tree Canada to fund planting more trees.

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    I think they do. They’re not known to be completely green, that isn’t their market angle. What they’re known to provide is reasonably priced furniture that is stylish, not eco-friendly products. However, that doesn’t mean they don’t have any. They have taken steps to produce their items from recyclable/renewable/reused materials and their big catalogs are made from recycable materials as well. Also, Ikea no longer uses chemical brightners – which are often non-biodegradable.

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