Does the hyena have the strongest jaws of land mammals?



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    No. The Tasmanian Devil has the strongest bite of all the living mammals. The average bite strength of the Tasmanian Devil is 5,100 psi. This is extremely impressive, considering that most Tasmanian Devils weigh around 13 pounds.

    The amazing strength of the jaws of the Tasmanian Devils is probably because the head of the animal is relatively large when compared to the rest of its body.

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      This is an incorrect citing. The Tasmanian Devil has stronger bite strength but not 5,100 psi rather 1,220 psi verses 1,000 psi of the hyena. BTW a common snapping turtle has a bite strength of 1,000 psi while alligator is up over 2,000.

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    Yes. While many animals have very strong jaws, and many breeds of dogs have a formidable bite, the hyena can crush and chew bone unlike any other land mammal. They have a bite force of 1,000 pounds.

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