Does how far you have to drive factor into how green a restaurant is?



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    Not necessarily in how green the restaurant is itself, but in how green your experience with the restaurant is, yes. For example, if you rode your bike to a green restaurant, you would have a lesser impact than driving, and likewise with walking. How you get there overall does not actually affect the social responsibility of the restaurant though. The restaurant cannot control how you get there, but it can control what it does with its waste, or how much energy it uses. These factors should be taken into consideration when you are choosing a place to eat, if you choose to eat out.

    On the other hand, as I mentioned, how you get to the restaurant does alter the overall impact of the restaurant experience. If you are driving 100 miles to a green restaurant, you may be better off actually walking to a locally owned taqueria or riding your bike to the farmers market. So again, although your transportation methods are not a choice the restaurant makes, it is definitely one that you can.

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    The distance of a restaurant from where an individual is does not reflect on the greenness of the restaurant, but the greenness of the individual. If someone decides to drive an hour to go to a restaurant, that is their decision, not the restaurant’s. 

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