Does the hot water given off by power plants hurt marine life?



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    Yes, it does change the environment near the release point. There is also a risk to marine life as the water is sucked into the plant to cool the turbines. They get trapped up in it.

    Water that is discharged back into the ocean, river or lake after cooling off the nuclear power plant is up to twenty-five degrees warmer than it originally was. The discharge of up to one billion gallons a day of heated water damages the ecosystem. The warmer water kills some aquatic life and forces other aquatic life to leave in search of cooler waters. The warmer water also attracts non-native aquatic life to the area. The non-native aquatic life often dies from cold shock when the cooling system is not in use during nuclear power plant maintenance. The force in which the water is discharged back into the environment often kills underwater plant life.

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