Does honey from wild bees taste better than store bought honey?



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    Taste is subjective. For some people, one would taste better; for others, the other would.

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    Some believe that wild honey is tastier than its store-brand counterpart. Local wild honey has many benefits. Supporting local farmers who produce wild honey is also beneficial to the local economy. Honey is a natural remedy for swelling. Buying local, wild honey can also be beneficial to allergy sufferers because it contains elements from your local environment that will help your body develop area-specific immunities. 

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    Taste is a matter of what you personally prefer.  But there may be more flavor options buying local wild honey.  The honey carries flavors from what the bees were pollinating.  In California, the bees feed on coastal wildflowers in the winter and the honey they produce has a very distinctive taste.  Many enjoy the taste of bees that are pollinating oranges as well.  These different tastes and flavors will then make a difference in how you use the honey.  We enjoy eating cheeses with local wild bee honey we get from the Farmers Market, but we use a different flavor for our homemade granola.

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