Does home depot have a green building materials section?



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    Home Depot does not have a green building materials section, but over the past few years they have put a lot of effort into identifying eco-friendly materials, and have labeled them with their “Eco-Options” logo, pictured here:

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    The Home Depot has integrated a wide variety of green products into their stores. They have found over 3,000 different items that they could replace with a product more green than their competitors in 2007 and now have more than 6,000 green products. They have everything form CFL light fixtures to organic plants.

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    In November of 2005, a supplier called “Green Depot” opened up with showrooms in Brooklyn, Boston, Chicago and other cities, with emphasis on green building materials and products to promote sustainable living.  Home Depot’s Eco Option labels were introduced in 2007, including compact fluorescent light fixtures, organic plants, etc.  Since then, they have made a concerted effort to expand the Eco Option line.

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