Does the healthcare industry create a lot of pollution?



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    The healthcare industry tends to use large amounts of some products because, for sterilization purposes, they cannot be reused. Not only does this create a lot of waste, but you must consider the amount of pollution involved in manufacturing these products. Additionally, healthcare involvs the use of a number of chemicals that can end up polluting the environment if not properly disposed of. Disposal of mercury, which is still common in hospital thermometers, has long been a concern, with many states setting up recycling programs to prevent contamination. The immense amount of cleaning, bedding, and furniture that must be used also contribute to the industry’s footprint.

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    In addition to the above reasons, hospitals require a massive amount of power and electricity to keep everything well lit and all those machines pumping. Then there are the drugs that are developed and taken that end up in the water supplies. And of course, the longer people are kept alive, the more resources we continue to use. But, we all find it personally worth it, to be healthy.

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