Does HD TV use more energy than regular TV?



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    All modern TV’s are now HDTV, whether the insides are CRT, LCD, DLP, or Plasma.
    CRT: These are the big, bulky TV’s and computer monitors from yesteryear. They’re not very energy efficient, but they use less energy than newer models because they tend to be smaller. A 19″ TV uses about 80 watts, way less than just about any modern TV.

    LCD: Much more efficient than CRT. They use about 125, 210, and 280 watts for the 32″, 42″, and 52″ sizes respectively.

    DLP: If you’re getting a huge 50″+ TV, go for DLP, and get one with an LED light source (otherwise you’ll have to replace the bulb every 1-3 years).

    Plasma: Not recommended (unless you watch such a small amount of TV that the extra energy usage isn’t significant).

    OLED. The most efficient of all, but not available in sizes greater than 11″ until 2010, and even then will probably be pricey for a few years compared to LCD and DLP.

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