Does Hawaii have to import most of their goods?



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    Yes, Hawaii imports most of thier goods. They grow their own produce, raise some meat and have their own dairies but other than that, most everything has to be imported.

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    Hawaii imports about 85% of its food, and only has a seven-day supply of food at any given time.  Because of this, many Hawaiian residents are concerned about food security and distribution.  Still though, Hawaii makes $357 million each year through agriculture, and has roughly 3,600 crop farms and 1,100 livestock farms.  Not only do the islands produce the traditional products such as sugarcane, pineapple, macadamia nuts, and coffee, but they also make a significant amount of money off of ginger, bananas, onions, sweet potatoes, and lettuce.  Hawaii is currently working to become more self-sufficient, and less reliant on outside sources for food.

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