Does having too much Iron in your body hurt it?



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    Yes, too much of any nutrient is bad. Having excess iron can worsen conditions like premature aging, osteoporosis, arthritis, diabetes, liver damage, and heart disease. In addition, it can lead to these symptoms: gastric pain, hair loss, irregular heart beat, joint pain, fatigue, skin discoloration, etc.

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    Yes, too much iron can be bad for your body. Although most attention is often placed on anemia, too much iron can be just as much of a problem and is actually a greater risk than deficiency for older Americans. The iron your body absorbs builds up continuously, and only a small amount is lost daily through hair loss, skin cells, etc. When you have too much built up, it can result in damage to the heart and brain and eventually cause a heart attack or stroke. Haemochromatosis is when people are genetically susceptible to severe iron overload, and can lead to diabetes, heart failure, weakness, and other symptoms.

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