Does having a poor housing market help the environment?



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    Well, if you have more people living together and using only one house’s light bulbs and televisions and other appliances instead of everyone having their own, then you would consume less energy and that would be better for the environment in theory. But to be honest, I don’t think there is enough of this effect for the power companies to make any less power than they would during a housing boom.

    If having a poor housing market encourages people to invest in green home-technologies, such as rain water collection systems, solar panels, wind turbine, or thermal energy systems, then yes, absolutely the poor housing market could help the environment out somewhat (but what we need is a major infrastructure adjustment, not just home energy systems—because manufacturing uses way more energy than home appliances do (its about 15 trillion btu’s compared to around 10 trillion– so manufacturing uses about 50 percent more)

    But really the only thing that can help the environment is PEOPLE making the decision to not harm it any more than they absolutely have to—and people becoming aware of all the little practices that they don’t even think would amount to much, but in the end it all adds up to a lot—it’s going to take every little bit here and there to make the drastic change we need in order to re-stabilize the environment and ensure sustainability and a healthy climate.

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