Does having a green roof help keep the heat in during the winter?



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    A green roof or vegetated roof does have very limited or none heating and cooling advantages in the course of a year or lifetime. At the end it all depends on the weather and having insulation for a building depending on the weather doesn’t make sense as it doesn’t make sense driving a car only downhill because this takes less gas. In the past the North American green roof or vegetated roof industry put out lot of incomplete or false anwers because they want to make profit and they didn’t understand the common sense. I am sure people might show up with all kind of studies after this. Just by adding a little insulation makes things more effective, relaibale, cheaper and caluculatable over the next 100 years.The roof is typically the smallest area exposed to the environment – improvments from basement, walls, windows might be more efficient on top.

    The thermal benfit of green roofs is limited to the massive reduction of thermal stress on the water proofing (roofing membrane). This reduction makes the membrane last much longer than a membrane exposed to the element and that is the major payback.

    A green roof is a living machine with a smart combination of multiple benefits that can’t be achieved with any other technology. Other technologies might be better in one disiplin but not in the combination and in the overall benefits.


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