Does having a faster computer help the environment?



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    No, it’s worse for the environment. A faster computer takes more energy to run.

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    I would say that a faster computer could potentially help the environment because it would take less time on the computer to complete the tasks the user wanted to complete, and in spending less time on the computer they would be using less energy. You could also infer that a faster computer is more likely to be a newer computer, and new computers tend to have new technologies that are tending toward energy efficiency. Hewlett Packard, for example, recently released a range of desktop computers that not only have reduced packaging and reduced amounts of materials going into the mouse, keyboard, and powercord, but also offer a new kind of software that helps the user put settings in place on the computer that help it reach maximum energy efficiency. These computers are advertised as being “faster performing PCs” intended for business use. Although the computers are not necessarily more environmentally friendly because of their speed, they are computers that perform quickly and are also very energy efficient in comparison to older models.

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