Does exercise have a good impact on the environment?



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    Yes, in a number of ways:

    1. Exercise is one means by which an individual can enjoy the outdoors, thereby increasing their desire to preserve it.
    2. It can also be done in the transportation form (biking, walking to work), thus reducing one’s carbon footprint by not driving.
    3. Obese people use more resources as well: they eat more, their clothes are larger, they are more likely to require resource intense prescriptions for heart disease, etc., and are more likely to drive short distances.
    4. Some people participate in eco-friendly tasks, like picking up garbage or gardening, for their exercise (

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    Sometimes. It really depends on whether your exercising is productive or not. If your exercise is in the form of walking to work/school/anywhere instead of driving, then it’s undoubtedly great for the environment. If you’re just running around in circles, however, you’re really not doing anything positive for the environment. You may actually be doing it a disfavor as you’re then consuming more calories for energy and releasing more CO2.

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