Does the halibut have any natural predators?



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    Since the halibut is close to the top of the food chain, it does not have as many predators as smaller fish would. However, its most common predators are the sea lion, the orca whale, and the salmon shark. Halibut is also a favorite of humans as well.

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    In most ecosystems the halibut is near the top of the marine food chain. In the North Pacific the only common predators of halibut are the sea lion (Eumetopias jubatus), the orca whale (Orcinus orca), and the salmon shark (Lamna ditropis). Surprisingly, one of its greatest threats is the sand flea. Sand fleas are parasitic crustaceans that live in the North Pacific. They infect a wide variety of fish and whales by digging into the skin or under the scales, and eating their host. After consuming the slime coating and outer-most layer of epidermis, during which time the halibut will remain alive, the crustaceans will migrate into its host through the eyes or the anus. At this point there is little chance for survival.

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