Does growing crops using hydroponics take a lot of technology?



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    Actually hydroponics can be a low-cost and easy to learn system of gardening. There are courses regarding the basics of this Simplified Hydroponics (SH) and is a good way to implement urban agricultural and community gardening. There are different options to consider when looking at hydroponics. Options include but are not limited to Water Culture (immersing the roots in water), Aeroponics (roots are hung in the air and are watered by misting), and Aggregate Culture (using gravel or sand to anchor down the roots).

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    If by technology you mean expensive machinery, then the answer is far from clear. In theory, no – you can do hydroponics on the cheap, without needing much in the way of ‘technology’ (see link below).

    But in practice, people tend not to do it on the cheap, using a great deal of energy-intensive technology. This is mostly true of hydroponics systems that use artificial lighting instead of natural sunlight, or very energy-intensive nutrient sources to mix into their watering systems.

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