Does Greenpeace have a say in most environmental conferences?



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    The Greenpeace organization does get involved with a number of conference on environmental issues. Some conferences this year include Look Back at CES: Greenpeace Conference, The World Oceans Conference in Indonesia, The Greenpeace Business Conference in London, and others. When Greenpeace people are invited to speak and attend, they do have an impactful say in the topics at hand. Some organizations consider Greenpeace to be incredibly radical so might not be taken as pleasantly as those who are on their side. However, Greenpeace is a completely member supported organization, which gives them a lot of credit since they doesn’t take any funding from sources that might influence their actions.

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    I don’t know about “most,” but Greenpeace is one of the NGOs that the UN regularly consults for information on environmental matters. That gives them some sway, I think, even if it is indirectly.

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