Does Greenpeace get along with Sea Shepherd?



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    Greenpeace and Sea Shepherd have similar goals and values, however, they disagree on on what methods are appropriate for reaching their goals. Greenpeace says that they do not want to participate in fighting with Sea Shepherd through the media, but they also say on their website that they have never sunk another persons boat (implying that Sea Shepherd does). It seems that they both openly, or quietly take digs at each-other through the media, but ultimately want the same thing. 

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    Good question, Aydan.  Sea Shepherd was actually founded by an ex-member of Greenpeace named Paul Watson.  Watson was actually kicked out of the leadership of Greenpeace, and has since become pretty critical of them.  Greenpeace isn’t particularly happy with Watson either, because they feel that some of the bad press from the actions of Sea Shepherd gets associated with Greenpeace.  Anyway, they don’t seem to get along that well, to answer your question.

    Hope this helps!

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