Does the greenhouse gas effect cause the holes in the ozone layer?



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    The greenhouse gas effect is actually a separate atmospheric phenomenon where longer wavelengts emitted by the sun pass enter the atmosphere but instead of disapating back out (the natural process), accumulating levels of methane and carbon dioxide in the ozone layer trap these radioactive waves within the atmosphere. 

    The large hole that has opened up in the ozone in the Antarctic region is result of chloro-fluoro-carbons and halons which are gaseous chemicals that breakdown the chemical balance of the ozone layer.

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    The greenhouse effect (global warming) and ozone depletion are two different environmental issues however, there are connected. The warming of the planet’s surface is from specific gases in the atmosphere that harness energy from the sun. An increase in the amount of these gases (particularly carbon dioxide) comes from oil and coal production which cause an increase in surface temperature. The CFC’s are basically gases that contribute to ozone depletion and cause greenhouse warming (The Ozone Hole, 2011).  

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