Does employ eco-friendly practices itself? If so, what are they?



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    Well, I can think of one thing: They pay their employees via paypal, so there is no need for a paper check to ever have to be cut and delivered. Instead just a stream of electrons which weigh like less than a millionth of a pound are carried across a network of wires and this counts just the same as normal paper money or heavy coin. Oh, isn’t the future going to be wonderful? When all that kind of stuff is just taken care of for us? “And I said, ‘That’s good. One less thing.'” Forrest Gump, anyone? No but in all seriousness, I will contact the people from GreenAnswers in charge of the main operations and find out the story on this great question. Wouldn’t want to find out that every click of the mouse we make and response we offer makes some server out there gobble up tons of energy and thus produce tons of CO2, now would we? I’ll get back to you as soon as I get an answer on this one… hopefully they are as environmentally sound as google! with their sheep instead of lawnmowers! HA! I luv it! Seriously google something about google green practice and prepare to be amazed!

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