Does a green church exist? If so, how is green incorporated in to the religion?



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    The first thing that jumped in my mind when you said that was the little green church in Mammoth. It is a great landmark if you are looking for natural hot springs because you need to turn off on a little unpaved road right beside it to get to several of the hot springs in the Mammoth area. However, I don’t know what religion is practiced there.

    In a more direct response to your question, I am Catholic and one of the things that I love about my religion is its environmental ethics. Some Catholics put more emphasis on it than others, but we are all essentially responsible for taking good care of the beautiful world that God has given us. St. Francis of Assisi is known for being the patron saint of ecology.

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      WOW this is a really good answer! I like how you said “environmental ethics” i guess everyone can incorporate green in to their religion by praying for what they believe in. All sort of ethics can play a huge role towards (depending on what types of ethics you believe in) thank you again. 😀

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