Does grass fed beef taste better (or different) from corn fed cattle?



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    Grass fed beef is said to be more flavorful than it’s corn fed counterpart.  In fact, out of all types of feed (corn, barley, wheat, grass), corn fed beef is said to be the least flavorful.  According to, grass fed beef is also better for your health, chock full of vitamins, and lower in calories.  It is also less likely to have Mad Cow since the disease is thought to come from feed contaminants.  

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    I can attest from personal experience that grass fed beef is much better tasting than corn fed beef. It also has a richer color and smell. I think that the animal being healthier makes the meat healthier too.

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    Grassfed beef certainly has a different taste than cornfed meat. For many accustomed to say a McDonald’s cheeseburger or the way beef is most commonly consumed now, will notice a difference, but it’s not necessarily worse tasting. I personally enjoy the taste and all the beef I cook and eat in my home is grassfed.

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