Does granite break down easily?



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    Mechanically speaking, no. Granite has a hardness on the Moh’s scale of around 6-7 out of 10. Diamonds are used to cut and shape commercial granite because of their hardness so it is not easy to break at all. For more facts about this stone check the link below.

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    Mechanically speaking, yes. Granite is a rock; it does not have a hardness on the Mohs scale. Its constituent minerals do, of course, and they are moderately hard (quartz, 7; feldspar 6, hornblende 5.5). But the interlocking crystals of granite can fall apart quite easily under mechanical weathering; “decomposed granite” is a common soil in many areas.

    The ease with which granite decomposes and breaks apart depends on the nature of the granite – the kinds used for commercial things like countertops obviously are not just about to fall apart. But in nature, granite erodes and decomposes quite easily in many environments. Freezing and thawing are excellent mechanisms for breaking up granite.

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