Does GPS navigation help you save gas?



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    Many GPS systems have setting that allow you to use the route that minimizes the driving distance–helping you use less gas–and maximize freeway travel, which also lessens gas use, as milage increases on the freeway in comparison to city driving. So, in short, yes, GPS can help you save gas, especially if these settings are utilized. 

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    It does if it provides you with a shorter route (or one with less traffic congestion), which you follow (and assuming you don’t do other gas guzzling things, like idle the engine for two hours, etc.). GPS is not perfect; it sometimes directs people along the wrong road toward the wrong place, or along a road that is impassable at times, or along a more convoluted, longer route than is best.

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    I would imagine that using a GPS also minimizes the time (and gas) spent turning around or driving around aimlessly when you get lost.

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    It helps me save gas in the sense that I don’t get lost as often and spend extra time driving. Prior to my purchasing my GPS, I got lost slightly more often or would have to drive slower in areas I was unfamiliar with. With the addition of the GPS to my car, I waste less time on the road wandering around aimlessly looking for hidden left turns and in this regard I save gas.

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