Does the government provide loans for green initiatives?



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    Some cities have provided homeowners who want to go green with repayment programs to help with the initial cost of making your home more eco-friendly. Cities that have these programs give loans to the homeowners for green upgrades, to be paid off over 20 years through property tax bills.

    These programs are called Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE). In 2010, 16 states had such programs. Those states, and more information, can be found here:


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    The government typically provides financial incentives for energy efficiency improvements to your home or business and for green purchases (think hybrid cars) in the form of tax breaks and refunds. That being said, it is possible to obtain funding in the form of grants, loans, or tax credits via national, state, or local channels. and the EPA’s website offer advice on finding funding for your green project. 

    If you are looking for a loan from a private, nonprofit lender, you could consult a company like Accion USA, which provides loans to businesses (especially small ones) that either: 1) provide green services, or 2) need the funds to finance improvements to their energy efficiency. 

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