Does the government monitor how much energy companies use?



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    The government does not monitor how much energy specific companies use, but it does collect information on the amount of energy produced and sold by each utility company. This information can be found on the Energy Information Administration web page. It is also going to start requiring large polluters to report their greenhouse gas emissions yearly starting in 2011 for the 2010 year.

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    Another way to consider this question:

    The government (EPA) started the Energy Star label program in 1992 to distinguish energy efficient appliances, homes, and now, businesses from competitors that are less energy efficient.  Companies and products must meet specific, outlined standards of energy efficiency to obtain the Energy Star label.  Companies that have been considered for the Energy Star label, thus, have been evaluated and monitored by the government for energy usage. 

    The point is not so much to punish these companies for higher levels of energy consumption, but to encourage consumers to choose greener products and services (thus, indirectly encouraging greener business practices through an indirect marketing campaign). 

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