Does Google use renewable energy to power their offices?



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    Google does seem to be making great strides towards using renewable energy as a power source. Its headquarters in Mountain View, CA is 30% powered by solar energy. The company is currently investigating using a solid oxide fuel cell server to power an entire data center: Last week, the company made a 20-year contract with a wind farm in Iowa to reduce its carbon footprint, although it may be selling this energy to third parties.

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    Yes they do!  Google is working on becoming carbon neutral in three ways: generating their own power with renewable energy, purchasing renewable energy and purchasing carbon offsets. The Google campus/ Headquarters located in Mountain View, CA is outfitted with solar panels.  Their system generates enough energy to power about 1000 homes. 

    Google is also working on many other ways of becoming carbon neutral by incentivising biking to work and providing a bio-diesel shuttle for picking up employees from around the Bay Area.

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    Yes! Google the words “Bloom Energy,” and you will find that Google is using a promising new fuel cell technology that allows it to have a much lower carbon footprint.

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