Does google have a recycling center?



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    Wow, it is quite difficult to find information about google by googling it, everything with a google map, or created as a google site will come up.  I could not find anything directly saying that google has its own recycling center, and have never heard anything about one in the many stories covering google in the news.  I am sure they do participate in recycling programs as they are a fairly eco-conscious company how far reaching they are is uncertain, hopefully it includes not just pop cans but also cell phone and other e-waste.

    Here was one story that I could find about how google is aiming to recycle 100% of its water used at all of its data centers.  I am not sure how many data centers they have but it was reported that one 15 megawatt center can use as much as 350,000 gallons in a single day.

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