Does going green have to be a family decision?



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    Going green can be a personal decision, it just helps to have your family backing the process. If you choose to go green, all it means is you pay close attention to your impact on the environment, and what little things you can do yourself to lessen your impact and others on the environment.

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    It certainly should be. The responsibility to protect the environment falls to every individual equally and coordinating recycling and efficient use of appliances and air conditioning would be much easier with full cooperation. However, there are certainly steps that one can take to go green that don’t need consensus. You could take it upon yourself to replace all the light bulbs in the house with CFLs. You can make a point to turn off lights in empty rooms. You could weatherize your home.  And maybe at the end of all this your family will be inspired to follow your lead. Some other steps are discussed at the link below. Best of luck.

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    It doesn’t have to been, but it definitely helps.  There are many individual acts that can be done without the help or consent of others. However, one of the best thing you can do as an environmentalist is to promote and educate green acts to others.  If you are living with your family, or simply roommates, it doesnt hurt to get together and discuss changes in your lifestyles. As always, it helps the environment, and it can save money too.

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