Does going green annoy you?



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    Going green annoyed the old me. I have come to appreciate the money that I have saved and the good that I have done. To be honest, the simple steps toward reducing your impact is worth it in the long run and does not require too much effort. I think that going green was a great decision, especially in this economy.

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    Going green never really annoyed me. I’m proud of any effort I am able to do. The only time I get annoyed is when I feel like I am automatically put into a negative ‘tree-hugger’ stereotype by others.

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    It does not annoy me to go green. I know that being green really makes a difference to the Earth–a positive difference. And it’s been proven that being green is great for the Earth. So I love being green and that others are green too. Besides, doing things green can actually be better for you. Taking shorter showers…lower water bills, driving electric or hybrid cars…better breathing air, turning off lights in rooms we’re not in…lower electric bill, eating organic…healthier and chemical free body!

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