Does GMO food have less nutrients than regular food?



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    Genetically modified food can actually have more nutrients than regular food. One of the reasons that people use genetically modified food is to increase nutrient content of the food.

    Scientists have created a special kind of rice that is exceptionally high in beta keratin content to battle malnutrition in impoverished areas where rice is the staple food.

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    Like Kayceeann said, GMO foods can be modified to have a HIGHER nutritional value than non- genetically modified foods.  Developed in 1999, “Golden Rice”, a genetically modified rice to have a higher Beta Carotene content was promoted in the developing world to prevent blindness due to Vitamin A deficiency.  According to an article in the Ecologist, one would need to eat 12 bowls of “Golden Rice” per day in order to get the recommended daily value of Vitamin A.

    Crops are genetically modified for more reasons than nutritional value.  Some include: drought resistance, pest resistance, increased crop yields, reduced pesticide use, etc.  


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