Does GMO food grow larger than regular food?



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    Yes.  They are genetically modified to grow larger, faster, stronger, and more disease resistant than normal food.  This is done so that the producer can charge more because they are supplying a larger amount of  product “superior” to normal organisms, or because they can produce more in a shorter amount of time.

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      This is not actually accurate. They don’t always grow larger, faster, or stronger. GMOs are actually weaker, genetically, because they end up being resistant to the very thing they are genetically engineered to do: live through toxic applications of Roundup, a seriously evil toxic pesticide. Studies from the very USDA itself cite that ‘Roundup-ready’ GMO crops become so resistant to Roundup, that ‘farmers’ actually need to increase their applications of Roundup year by year, and they figures are alarming.

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    GMO foods do not automatically grow larger than traditionally grown crops, but because they’ve been hybridized so many times, and pumped full of pesticide tolerant genetics, GMOs have the probability to grow larger than traditionally grown crops.

    As far as yield is concerned, though, continuous studies report that, time and time again, sustainable, small-scale, rotational, mixed agricultural practices produce the largest yields. Organic crops are proven to be packed full of more flavenoids, vitamins, and minerals than traditionally grown crops, and GMO foods are completely unsafe, untested, and unregulated.

    GMO foods and the corporate takeover of our food supply continue to feed our nation’s top two killers: heart disease, and obesity-related diseases, and GMO corporations such as Monsanto, Syngenta, and Bayer Crop Science are the mose unethical corporations in the world. 


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      I think that American people need to be educated more on the real facts of GMO’s. As you have said they continue to supply our nations top two killers but I feel that very few Americans know that. I hope that during the Obama administration with more of a focus on sustainability we can start to have more small scale rotational agricultural practices which should bring us better more healthy food for many generations to come. Thanks for a great answer.

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      ~ Michelle Obama is taking a big stand, and big Ag is squirming and scared, but unfortunately Barak chose to appoint Vilsak, a former Monsanto man, to head up the nation’s agriculture department as Secretary of Agriculture. Argh!

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      Interesting points– thank you for sharing your thoughts. I agree with a lot of what you said. But I would dispute one point- tobacco companies are the most unethical corporations in the world. To intentionally withhold scientific information that proves cigarettes are addictive and deadly is unforgivable.

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      – GMO corporations are doing the very same thing, but worse, they are taking their unregulated, untested GMO ideas to third world countries and experimenting on babies and children (yikes!):

      Then theres the mass suicides of thousands of farmers in India due to the failures of their bt cotton (please be warned, this is not happy news):

      Please spread the word about the evils of GMOs, if you feel that strongly about tobacco corporations, then you can understand the severity here. Peoples lives, and livelihoods, are at stake.

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